Healthy Smiles Oral Health Task Force Updates

Oral Health Ambassadors Project Overview

The Oral Health Ambassadors Project is a new and innovative way to empower our Head Start parents to promote oral health for all children and families.

Role of the Oral Health Ambassador:

  • Oral Health Ambassadors raise awareness, share valuable information, and enthusiastically promote the importance of oral health by communicating with, inspiring, and guiding other parents in the program.
  • Oral Health Ambassadors have a “story to tell” and value the importance of oral health to their child’s life and wellbeing.
  • Oral Health Ambassadors have lived experiences with their own oral health and the oral health of their children, and may have experienced improvements in their understanding of the value of oral health as a result of gaining access to comprehensive oral health services for their child because of enrollment in the HS/EHS program.
  • Oral Health Ambassadors participate in networking calls to talk and plan with their peers and other Ambassadors.
  • Oral Health Ambassadors use different communication methods and tools to reach out to their peers, including social media (with assistance from the HS/EHS program).
  • Oral Health Ambassadors are provided information by their host programs about oral health using the Cavity Free Kids curriculum.

Oral Health Ambassador Resources:


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