The Healthy Smiles Oral Health resources and services providers web pages are constantly being updated and improved.  If you have high quality resource or provider you would like to suggest be added to the list please contact Amy Requa, State Oral Health Coordinator, at amyrequa@paheadstart.orgOral Health Resources


Dental care is the number one unmet healthcare need for people with disabilities. With the support of the FISA Foundation, ACHIEVA’s Disability Heathcare Initiative has developed the “Advancing Oral Health Project.” This project has been supported by the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council and the FISA Foundation. The goal of this project is to identify barriers to accessing quality dental care for people with developmental disabilities and promote promising strategies for systemic change, ensuring access to affordable, quality services.

Oral Health Videos

“Home Dental Care for Individuals with Disabilities” with Dr. Brian Martin, Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is a series of 23 videos. Above that video there is a point and click box that currently says, “23 videos” scroll through these to find specific dental information in both English and Spanish captions. Titles are and direct links included below.

These videos were designed to help a individuals and their families to support home dental care. You will find information about adaptive toothbrushes, specific dental issues and ideas on how to make home care easier.

These videos are supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry  The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry site provides recommendations for Parent and Professionals concerning pediatric dental educational materials.  Information contained on this site include: Parent educational brochures; information for employers addressing dental options; oral research; resources and publications; continuing educational opportunities.  Links to websites such as Baby Place, Baby Center and adolescent online directory are a click away.  Free materials are available but some fees may apply depending upon the publication. The information provided  serves as a resource and not as a standard of medical care with regards to oral health care.

America Dental Association  is the American Dental Association website. Website provides both professional and public resources as well as latest related news, research, and upcoming events. You can also locate an ADA member dentist in your area.

Bright Smiles Bright Futures–  This website provides tools for parents that they can use to help them teach their children about proper dental hygiene. There are activities and online games for children, and free educational materials for Teachers and Dental Professionals. They have a Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program that allows children in need to receive a first toothbrush, visit with a dentist, and education to build healthy habits, self esteem and a foundation for success.

Cavity Free Kids – This teaches kids and families the importance of healthy teeth by using the Cavity Free Kids curriculum. This makes a serious subject fun for all ages. Kids learn through fun, hands on, play-based activities in the preschool classroom. Adults are learning, too; pregnant women, parents, and classroom staff members.

CDC Oral Health Program– CDC’s OraHealth Program is located within the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP).  This program provides financial support and technical assistance to state oral health programs to help them strengthen their capacity to provide oral health promotion and disease prevention programs.  Some of the information the CDC can offer in regards to oral health are as follows: Community Water Fluoridation: Questions and Answers, information on State oral health programs, recommended infection control guidelines for Dentistry, a health education campaign, including a brush up quiz for parents, tip sheets, and posters in English and Spanish.

Children’s Dental Health Project– Children’s Dental Health Project: Vision: At CDHP, we look forward to the achievement of oral health for all children to ensure that they reach their full potential. Mission (How we get there): Creating and advancing innovative solutions to achieve oral health for all children. Policy Focus Areas. CDHP was created to serve as a unique national voice for children’s oral health to bridge the gap between research and solutions.  CDHP set out to do this not by building dental clinics but by promoting public policies that support sustainable solutions.  CDHP has worked with advocates and policymakers for more than a decade to provide research-based evidence, policy options, and technical assistance needed to ensure that the oral health of children is a priority.

Cornerstone Care:

They reach out to the entire community including those who cannot access or afford quality healthcare. For over 30 years, Cornerstone Care has provided medical, dental and counseling services to residents of Greene, Washington, Fayette, and Westmoreland Counties.  Many of their services are provided at significantly reduced rates for those who qualify or face economic hardships in affording quality care. In addition; this site provides oral health education and daily tips. They also provide School and community based education programs and mobile dental and medical services.

Dental Care There is information for educators, professionals, and consumers. If you click specifically into the professional link in this site, it connects you to a plethora of information; education materials, practice information and resources, research facts and data, education for Dentists, ideas they can use for their patients, as well as continued dental education for providers . If you click into the consumer link, it will provide information on oral health in general, as well as link you to the oral health product manufacturers.

The Early Care and Education Academy  The Early care and Education/Academy for Educational Development is an independent, nonprofit organization focused on critical social issues in the areas of health, education, youth development, and the environment.  Materials from MCH(maternal child health) oral health website, UCFS (University of California, San Francisco) childcare, cavity free kids and Albany State University are listed for reprinting. There are downloadable FREE oral health resources for families and staff that include WIC lesson plans, Help Me Smile curriculum and one-page fact sheets.

Find A Federal Health Care Center–  Federally-funded health centers care for you, even if you have no health insurance. You pay what you can afford, based on your income. Health centers provide. This includes dental care for your family. You can type in your address and it will locate the closest health center near you.

Health Roads  Healthy Roads Media began in 2002 with a grant from the National Library of Medicine.   Free health educational materials on this site are in diverse language formats.  The actual content of each topic is from reliable sources such as the CDC, the American Academy of Family Physicians, Bright Futures, Virginia Department of Health, International Rescue CommitteeHealth Information Translationsand others. A list for each individual topic can be found on the  website with oral health listed. Dental video and printable materials are available.

Healthy Teeth– This is a colorful, fun website that is an oral health educational database. From baby teeth to braces, Healthy Teeth is all about what goes on inside your mouth. This was produced by dentists for elementary aged kids curious about the “why?” of oral health. There is a wide variety of educational materials for all ages, including Teachers. There are a lot of free materials within this site.

Keep Kids Healthy– is designed as ‘a Pediatrician’s guide to your children’s health and safety.  It is not meant to replace the medical advice that you receive from your doctor. Instead, it is to supplement the information that you receive from your child’s physician, with a special emphasis on better health through preventative care.  Among the features that offers to parents are free parenting advice, online forums, info product recalls and pediatric news updated daily, an immunization schedule (just enter your child’s date of birth and it will prepare a vaccine schedule according to the 2003 AAP recommendations), growth charts, asthma center (with customized peak flow calendars and action plans), breastfeeding center, a sophisticated baby name finder (which allows you to also enter multiple middle and last name to view different name combinations), a body mass index calculator to see if your kids are at risk of being underweight or overweight, height predictor, a lead poisoning screening quiz, plus info on kids nutrition, growth, development, common problems, diseases and conditions and infections in children. Website includes basic information on dental care and health.

Kids Smiles– Kids Smiles addresses the oral health crisis for at-risk children with an integrated program of dental care, in-house education, and outreach education and screening. It is their goal to not only treat a symptom, but to provide the information and tools for children and families to lead healthier lives and build positive, lifelong habits. Kids Smiles has a comprehensive 10 lesson curriculum module in which guides discussion, and encourages critical thinking for ages 3 and up. This is available upon request, and subject to approval.

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research) – Open Wide Curriculum – This is a Government website intended for individuals and practitioners.  They have information fact sheets, publications, instructions on good oral health care, nutrition, smoking, perinatal, oral disease, statistics, etc.

National Center for Education in Maternal & Child Health  The National Center for Education in Maternal and Child Health(NCEMCH) was established in 1982 at Georgetown University as a national resource to the MCH community.  Freeeducational materials and resources for  both parents and Professionals are available.  An assortment of topics can be found including oral health, nutrition, physical activity, teen pregnancy and school health.   A variety of languages are also available. Resource guides include English as well as other languages.

NIM Children’s Dental Health– This site is to provide educational information on medical/dental topics from A-Z. It will address concerns that someone may have regarding symptoms, surgeries, and conditions. It also has video’s that demonstrate various procedures.

Oral Health America– Oral Health America focuses on access to oral health care for Vulnerable and Underserved Populations. Their mission states, “To change lives by connecting communities with resources to increase access to care, education, and advocacy for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.” Five key programs are refined to support our mission: Smiles Across America®, Wisdom Tooth Project, Medical Dental Dialogues, and the Campaign for Oral Health Equity, and NSTEP®.  These programs speak to our lasting commitment to change lives by educating and advocating for the public and creating new opportunities to access care. You can find a Dentist, apply for Grants, and receive donated dental products.

PA Dental Association   This is the PA Dental Association. Their mission statement is as follows:  “The purpose of the Pennsylvania Dental Association shall be to serve the public, improve their health, promote the art and science of dentistry and represent the interests of its members and the people they serve.” They serve the public by promoting optimal dental care, improve the availability of dental care for all citizens of PA, speak authoritatively and responsibly on behalf of public before Governmental bodies, educate the public with respect to the prevention of oral disease and to promote good oral health. You can find a Dentist, as well as locate advocacy services.

The PDA Virtual Dental Van is an excellent resource.

Be sure to see the embedded videos at the PDA Virtual Dental Van

PA Department of Health – Oral Health

A government website intended for individuals and practitioners.  They have fact sheets, publications, instructions on good oral health care, nutrition, smoking, perinatal, oral disease, statistics, etc.

Pediatric Dental Health – Pediatric Dental Health: mission is to provide the general public and health care Professionals with credible, trusted, and relevant information on pediatric dental health.  Another important goal is to help parents and clinicians play an active role in managing children’s dental health. The site offers useful tools such as a dental forum, site-specific search engine, monthly newsletter, clinical resources page, weekly links to recent specialty articles, and original articles on pediatric dentistry. The site also features updated links to oral health news and research reports. Pediatric Dental Health was founded in 1999 by Dr. Daniel Ravel.

Pennsylvanian’s for Children and Youth– Their goals have always been to increase the awareness of children’s needs;   increase the resources for children and families;  strengthen families and communities in helping children learn and grow and assure implementation of funding of public policies which promote stable children and families. PCCY’s health care priorities include improving access to mental, dental and vision care, decreasing the number of children poisoned by lead, increasing the number of insured children, and training health care providers to become advocates for children.

In addition, every year PCCY’s Child Health Watch Helpline helps hundreds of families apply for and receive free or low-cost health insurance for their children and navigate through the health care system.

Sherman Dental– This site has a huge variety of dental prizes, toys, stickers, pencils, erasers, activities, waiting room toys, handouts for children, and more!!!

Shop Becker  – This site is a supply company where oral health materials may be purchased in addition to many other varied supplies.

Simple Steps to Dental Site  This website focuses on oral health in three categories; prevention, understanding conditions, and exploring treatments.

US Department of Health and Human Services  (US Dept. of Health and Human Services) – This is a Government website intended for individuals and practitioners.  This has information fact sheets, publications, instructions on good oral health care, nutrition, smoking, perinatal, oral disease, statistics, etc.