Oral Health Grants

DTA Foundation/Dental Lifeline Network Grant (2016-2017)

Caring for the Oral Health of the Person with Special Needs Pilot Project

In the initial phase of this pilot project, the three Caring for the Oral Health of the Person with Special Needs courses/modules were designed to educate three target audiences:

  1. Caregivers of people with special needs
  2. Allied health professionals
  3. Oral health professionals.

Each module was developed, reviewed by content experts, revised as necessary.  The courses for each target audience were presented at various locations throughout Pennsylvania. Data was collected from participants via self-assessment with Pre/Post-Test and an on-line survey after three months, to evaluate the courses for further development. All of the webinars were developed as stand-alone modules and may be viewed  independently.  The webinars are available for wide distribution on websites of both professional and community organizations which advocate for people with special care needs. Also, informational materials and resources are provided.

The “Caring for the Oral Health of People with Special Needs” webinar modules for training and professional development are available for viewing on demand via the PA Coalition for Oral Health online learning portal: https://paoralhealth.org/webinars/

For more information about online trainings, please access the downloads.


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