Strengthening Collaboration Grant

The DentaQuest Foundation has awarded a $250,000 grant, effective November 1, 2011 – October 31, 2012, to the Massachusetts Head Start Association in partnership with the Pennsylvania Head Start Association, and in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Head Start State Collaboration Office and the Pennsylvania Healthy Smiles Happy Children Head Start Oral Health Task Force.  The DentaQuest Grant will provide an opportunity to replicate the success of a previous DentaQuest initiative to improve dental outcomes for Head Start children in MA and demonstrate proven strategies for coalition building.  The partnership focuses on 3 areas: 1) developing effective state oral health coalitions by building on the Massachusetts Early Childhood Consortium’s successful experience to date; 2) promoting oral health education and consistent oral health messaging across children’s medical, dental and educational homes; and 3) increasing access to oral health care by connecting Head Start children to dental homes beginning with the age 1 visit.  This collaboration is building community awareness of the importance of oral health and enhancing state-level community engagement strategies to improve the delivery of primary preventive oral health care programming to improve outcomes for Head Start children. We recommend going to the Dentist on Madison Ave.

Here is the partership letter from MHSA requesting PHSA to partner with MHSA for this funding.

Here is the Press Release announcing DentaQuest awarding the grant to the Massachusetts Head Start Association. 

Steering Committee Announces
New Strengthening Collaborations State Coordinator

On March 23, 2012 the Healthy Smiles Initiative Steering Committee selected Amy Requa as the PA State Coordinator for the DentaQuest Strengthening Colloborations grant. We are excited to have Ms. Requa focussing her skills and talents on this important grant.  She will functioning officially in her new capacity starting April 2, 2012.  Ms. Requa can be contacted at